Looking for a better business directory and map?

ShopMap is a directory/map tool designed specifically for BIAS.

ShopMap is a web tool designed specifically to help BIAs with:

  • Mapping the neighborhood (shops, amenities, parking, etc.)
  • Detailed shop pages (incl. products, brands, accessibility, wifi, etc.)
  • Improved SEO and clarity for visitors (search / browse)
  • Auto-map events from shops’ Facebook pages
  • Deals / Contests / News / Discussion Forums

Help local businesses and shoppers with:

  • A search engine for your neighborhood!
  • Browse by product categories and amenities
  • Detailed store pages – managed by owners
  • Deep info – products, brands, amenities
  • Leverage combined data for SEO results
  • Map local parking, wifi, accessibility and more
  • Highlight neighborhood events
  • BIA management panel
  • Usage stats and reports

ShopMap is designed to help BIAs help local stores identify shoppers and build direct marketing channels.


Case Study: Kensington Market BIA

Kensington Market has nearly 250 member businesses. Using ShopMap it is easy to search and browse for businesses, each opening a full page of information about it that can be edited by the business owner and managed by the BIA.

Note: this project is still in progress (adjusting store pages, map display and more)


This product is still in development. Please contact us for more information.