Looking for a fun way to engage your audience?

Launch a Trivia Contest on the Web, Facebook and as a Mobile App.

Easily launch trivia contests

Every neighborhood has its own unique vibe made up of local retailer, streetscape, amenities and people. A fun way to promote your BIA is to invite the public to test their knowledge of the neighborhood through trivia contests.

Each contest is made up of a series of questions with:
* An image of a place, product or something else
* Asking which store it is from, where it is, or another question
* Provide 3 possible answers and set the correct answer in the admin panel
* Set the contest start and end dates and times (a monthly contest is effective)
* Decide on a prize – could be local swag like a t-shirt or e-Gift card (for example, you can create a neighborhood e-gift card using AnyCard)
* Adjust the contest rules as needed

Once the contest is live you invite people to enter to win the prize on social media, on your website, in email newsletters and possibly a bit of Google / Facebook / other ads.

When the contest ends the participant with the most correct answers wins the prize. If there are multiple winners you can run a random draw to define the winner out of that group (as detailed in the contest rules). Contact the winner and send them the prize.

As participants enter the contest they agree to receive future emails from your BIA. They could also be automatically added to your mailing list. That way your mailing list grows with every contest.

You can launch the contest on your website, on a tab on your Facebook page and even as a mobile app (but that requires connecting to the app store and a bit more work).

For maximum results you can run a trivia contest every month, accumulating participants and buzz about the neighborhood.


How it works

The platform is made up of an Admin Panel and Contest Application. In the admin panel you create and manage the contest.

Case Study:

Test your knowledge of Toronto neighborhoods in trivia contests.


The trivia contests are made using the ContestApp platform, which is also operated by ShopMap.